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Description of Our Home at 13020 Bucksport Court, Roswell, GA

The following description is still under creation. We do not guarantee at this point that it is totally accurate.

This home has 12 rooms on the first and second floor, and six rooms in the completed basement. There is a three car garage with a three room apartment on the second floor, and a separate pool house with two rooms. In total this is 23 rooms. The total completed space, including the completed basement, the apartment over the garage, and the pool house first floor is (approximately) 9,600(?) square feet. The size of the individual rooms are shown below.


The first floor has eight rooms, a wet bar, a full bathroom, and a half bathroom.

The Living Room is 27 feet 6 inches by 20 feet 2 inches minus an 8 foot 5 inch by 2 foot 2 inch section on one side, for a total of 536 square feet.

The Sun Room is 36.8 feet long. The width is 9 feet 9.5 inches for 20 feet 9 inches long, and 11 feet 9.5 inches for the remaining 16 feet 1.5 inches, for a total of 393 square feet.

The Family Room is 26 feet long and 15 feet 5 and one half inches wide. Including a side area that is 3 feet 10 inches by 3 feet 8 inches the total area is 415 square feet.

The Music Room is 15 feet 4.5 inches long and 15 feet 4 inches wide. This is 235 square feet.

The Dining Room is 15 feet 6.5 inches long. The width is 13 feet 6 inches for 209 square feet.

The Kitchen is 29 feet 10.5 inches long and 12 feet 6 inches wide. There is a 3 feet 6 inch angle at a corner on the two ends. This is 370 square feet.

The Bedroom is 15 feet 9 and 3/4 inches wide. The length varies from 14 feet 10 and 3/4 inches to 21 feet 4 inches. The total is 263 square feet. This room, which is intended to be a bedroom, is currently being used as an office.

The Laundry Room is 9 feet 7 inches wide and 7 feet 1.5 inches long. This is 68 square feet.

In addition to the eight rooms on the first floor there is a pantry that is 4 feet 11 inches by 8 feet 8.5 inches, for a total of 42 square feet, a wet bar that is 30 square feet, a full bathroom, and a half bathroom.

The Second Floor has four bedrooms and three full bathrooms.

The Master Suite bedroom is 381 square feet. It is 20 feet 10 inches long. The width is 18 feet 2 and 3/4 inches for about 13 feet, and then reduces to 12 feet 1 inch gradually over 3 feet 5 inches.

The Bathroom that is attached to the Master Suite is 249 square feet. There is a door in the bathroom between the toilet and shower and the section with two sinks and a Jacuzzi.

The walk-in closet next to the Master Suite is 184 square feet.

The three other bedrooms are each at least 187 square feet. Each is larger than 15 feet by 12 feet.

The Guest Room, which is one of these three bedrooms, has a private full bathroom.

The remaining two bedrooms, which are part of the three mentioned as being greater than 187 square feet, have a shared bathroom, which has a door betweent the toilet and shower and the two sink areas.

Above the Garage is a an Apartment with three rooms and a full bathroom. The garage has a toilet room on the first floor.

The pool house has two rooms and a full bathroom on the first floor.

The two pool house rooms on the first floor are 15 feet 5 inches by 19 feet 2 inches and 7 feet 9 inches by 11 feet 8 inches for a total of 385 square feet.